Maia Executive Travel it's based in Yeovil providing a Taxi Service connecting south somerset with the rest of United Kingdom


Maia in the mythology is one of the seventh daughter of Atlas and Pleione. Maia is the eldest and the gorgeous of the seven Pleiades. ZEUS fell in love with her visiting Maia secretly in the middle of night. Maia gave birth to a boy named Hermes, who is known as a messenger between the gods transporting messages or presents.

The month of May (Latin Maius) was supposedly named after Maia

We all know the big transport company Hermes which adopted their name from mythology, likewise our aim is to bring the happiness and kindness off a spring wind to our Taxi service to you hoping that you fall in love with us like ZEUS did with MAIA. Our Taxi drivers are DBS checked with the Yeovil District Council and Taunton County Council. Their experience of driving is over five years in taxi service, from short trips in or out Somerset to long trips like airports or train jobs. Our ability to deal and transform all kind of situations into customer’s orientated solution is one of our strengths, part of Maia Executive Travel Philosophy..

Our Yeovil Taxi's, our Image

Maia Taxi's are all licensed with  Yeovil District Council . They possess all the necessary technologies to make your trip more comfortable and secure. We are polite and very adaptable to every situation adopting a client centred philosophy. Maia Taxi offer excellent journeys to your destinations so don’t worry we drive for you.